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  air conditioner floor-ceiling FUJITSU ABY-UB/AOY-UB
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Operation HEATINGS minimum 10 °C
Adjustable to maintain internal temperature not lower than 10 °C ensuring that the site is not freezes




air conditioner floor-ceiling FUJITSU ABY14UB / AOY14UB

Capasity: cooling 13.600 btu/h - heating 16.000 btu/h.

energy class Β. Operating limits: -6°C  ~ +43°C

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air conditioner floor-ceiling FUJITSU ABY18UB / AOY18UB

Capasity: cooling 18.400 btu/h - heating 20.400 btu/h.

energy class C. Operating limits: -6°C  ~ +43°C

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air conditioner floor-ceiling FUJITSU ABY24UB / AOY24UB

Capasity: cooling 22.100 btu/h - heating 25.200 btu/h.

energy class C. Operating limits: -6°C  ~ +43°C

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