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Interestingly Daikin Environment and natural resources is an integral part of the activities TNS globally and at all levels: from product design and manufacturing to the sense of responsibility towards the environment that distinguishes each of the official TNS Daikin.

In 1998, Daikin Europe NV was the first air conditioning manufacturer received environmental certification ISO 14001. Moreover, since 2004, ISO 14001 certification have received not only plants but also companies selling TNS Daikin, reflecting the full commitment TNS Daikin for environmental protection at all levels of activity TNS company.

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  inverter wall FTXV-AB / RXV-AB new  
  inverter wall FTXN-MB / RXN-MB new from 8500 ~ 21000 btu/h  
  inverter wall FTX-JV/GV / RX-JV/GV from 7000 ~ 24000 btu/h  
  inverter wall FTXS-J/G / RXS-J/F from 7000 ~ 24000 btu/h  
  inverter wall Ururu Sarara new
  inverter wall Emura new
  inverter floor Nexura
  inverter multi
  inverter ceiling-floor    
  mini VRV
  MULTI systems VRV    
  altherma - heat pumps air to water
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