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  air conditioner wall HITACHI PREMIUM super dc inverter
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With this new series air conditioning Inverter, the HITACHI your prosPherei an elegant, modern design that will complement areas of high aesthetic requirements.
The air conditioners Series Premium, combine cutting-edge technology in air conditioning, style and Capasity.

The series Premium achieves extremely high levels of energy capasity, indicators SEER and SCOP (warm) to Phtanoun prices and to 8.5 and 5.9 respectively (SCOP (average): 4,7). This means that you exasPhalizete the lowest energy Consumption, significant savings and high returns even in the most difficult times

The series Premium also features a series from innovative functions such as sensors that detect the position of people in the room and adjusts the temperature to save energy, Operation Production ionized water (Ion Mist) to remove odors and bacteria from the area, as well as Operation cleaning pre-filter. which is cleaned automatically by pressing a button. Moreover, the stainless steel liner (Stainless Clean) prevents the growth of bacteria and dust concentration, keeping the room air clean and healthful.

Manufactured in Japan and consist from three models of cooling capacity from 10300btu / h to 14000btu / h.


Stainless steel micro-mesh Filter

Stainless steel internal structure internal unit

Cleaning with Stainless Plasma Air

deodorizing air ionized mist

Automatic cleaning filter

Heat exchanger with titanium coating °Fan Coated Silver Ion Metal

Operation in heating from -20 °C

Ion Mist

Saving energy with Scroll Compressors High Performance

Eco Sensor & Comfort Airflow


air conditioner HITACHI RAK-25PSA/RAC-25WSA PREMIUM super dc inverter

Capasity: cooling 8530(1710-11604)btu/h - heating 10920(2050-19795)btu/h.

energy class Α+++. Operating limits: -20°C  ~ +46°C

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air conditioner HITACHI RAK-35PSA/RAC-35WSA PREMIUM super dc inverter

Capasity: cooling 11940(1710-13993)btu/h - heating 14330(2050-22525)btu/h.

energy class Α+++. Operating limits: -20°C  ~ +46°C

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