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air conditioner wall HITACHI RAK-25PSA/RAC-25WSA

With this new series air conditioning Inverter, the HITACHI your prosPherei an elegant, modern design that will complement areas of high aesthetic requirements.
The air conditioners Series Premium, combine cutting-edge technology in air conditioning, style and Capasity.

The series Premium achieves extremely high levels of energy capasity, indicators SEER and SCOP (warm) to Phtanoun prices and to 8.5 and 5.9 respectively (SCOP (average): 4,7). This means that you exasPhalizete the lowest energy Consumption, significant savings and high returns even in the most difficult times

The series Premium also features a series from innovative functions such as sensors that detect the position of people in the room and adjusts the temperature to save energy, Operation Production ionized water (Ion Mist) to remove odors and bacteria from the area, as well as Operation cleaning pre-filter. which is cleaned automatically by pressing a button. Moreover, the stainless steel liner (Stainless Clean) prevents the growth of bacteria and dust concentration, keeping the room air clean and healthful.

Manufactured in Japan and consist from three models of cooling capacity from 10300btu / h to 14000btu / h.




Stainless steel micro-mesh Filter

Stainless steel internal structure internal unit

Cleaning with Stainless Plasma Air

deodorizing air ionized mist

Automatic cleaning filter

Heat exchanger with titanium coating °Fan Coated Silver Ion Metal

Operation in heating from -20 °C

Ion Mist

Saving energy with Scroll Compressors High Performance

Eco Sensor & Comfort Airflow


Innovative System Really Clean Air:

To have your space truly healthy air. the HITACHI applied technology Stainless Clean. The indoor parts of air conditioner HITACHI is stainless steel, thus providing additional protection against bacteria, dust and dirt, while being more resistant to the passage of time.


Reduction of bacteria by 99%:

When the bacteria come in contact with the stainless steel surface, the metal ions adhere thereon, thereby inhibiting their action. The presence of bacteria is reduced by 99%, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment.


Less dust:

The stainless steel surface gathers 51% less dust compared with plastic, while creating minimum static electricity, which is one from the main causes dust accumulation. This has the effect of maintaining the air conditioner cleaner.


Easy cleaning:

The stainless steel coating pre-filter prevents dust accumulation, but also facilitates cleaning the. Thus, the pre-filter is easily cleaned by removing dust and other fatty components, without using water.


Both in cooling and in heating, characterized from extremely high capasity.
SEER = 8,50 (A + + +) = 4.72 and SCOP (A + +) in the average change in size 3,5 kW.


heating guaranteed even at -20 °C, due to exceptional technical characteristics


ECO SENSOR & Comfort Airflow: The air conditioning units of the new Series Inverter Premium, equipped with 2 sensors space (sensors), sweeping the space dividing it into 3 sections and trace accurately the movement and position of the persons therein.
Smart Operation Eco Sensor detects the HITACHI activity level in the room and adjusts the temperature and humidity in order to achieve energy savings.

Always thanks to a motion sensor, it is possible to choose whether to direct
airflow away or toward the user.


The Operation allows you to set a minimum maintenance (10 °C) in heating periods when you are away from home for leisure or for business purposes, you can set the Maximum of 99 days. Ideal for cottages!


Through an atomiser and ionization are released into the surrounding ionized water particles invisible to the human eye that can significantly reduce the concentration of bacteria, fungi and pollen in the air.


STAINLESS CLEAN: Stainless steel interior retains pure Indoor unit, while ensuring air fresh and healthy. When the bacteria come in contact with the stainless steel surface, the metal ions adhered on them, thereby preventing their development. In this way, the bacteria are automatically reduced by 99%
The stainless material can reduce more in half from the accumulation of dust inside the unit.

At the same time, easy to clean, and you can remove the dust with a simple movement without the need to use determinants.


By pressing a button on the remote control, a robotic arm equipped with a brush automatically cleans the Indoor unit.


Advanced features for more convenience:

  • POWERFUL: Operation, which maximizes Capasity
  • FILTER CLEAN: Automatically cleans the Pre-Filter
  • ECO SENSOR: Detects human movement and adjusts the temperature and humidity in order to reduce energy consumption
  • COMFORT AIRFLOW: The sensors snichnefoun the position of people and automatically change the direction of air flow, depending on your desire.
  • CLEAN: With clic a button the unit automatically dries, preventing the formation of mold.
  • LEAVE HOME: Ensure that the room temperature will not fall down from a limit (about 10cC), during your absence.

Saving Energy
Scroll Compressors with High Performance

The compressors scroll, Japanese technology and quality, have the important advantage of operating simultaneously suction, compression and extraction of air, thus providing very high performance, reliability, energy savings and Quiet Operation.

  • Operating current connection: AC 1Ph, 220-230V, 50Hz
  • Capasity cooling – btu/h: 8.530(1.710 – 11.604)
  • Capasity heating – btu/h: 10.920(2.050 – 19.795)
  • Annual Consumption Energy cooling (kWh) 103
  • Annual Consumption Energy heating (kWh) 345
  • Seasonal contributor Capasityς στην cooling – SEER: 8,50
  • Seasonal contributor Capasityς στην heating – SCOP: 5,90
  • energy class στην cooling: A+++
  • energy class στην heating: A+++
  • Noise internal μον.(Sil./Low/Med./Hi) – dB(A): 22/28/34/42
  • Noise external μον. – dB(A): 48
  • Operating limits: -20°C~46°C
  • Air flow max - m³: 600
  • Fan speeds: 4(Sil./Low/Med./Hi)
  • Daily timer: Yes
  • Weekly timer (optional): Yes
  • Antibacterial Filters (standard): Yes
  • Compressor: DC Scroll
  • Dimensions internal unitς (W / H / D) – mm: 798×295×258
  • Dimensions external unitς (W / H / D) – mm: 792×600×299
  • Weight internal unitς – Kg: 12
  • Weight external unitς – Kg: 40
  • Diameter pipe Liq / Gas - Inch: (1/4) / (1/2)
  • Maximum piping length / Height – m: 20/10
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