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Daikin Altherma 11,2 Kw EDHQ011BB6W1

monobloc - only heating - low temperature 55°C

Heat Pump Daikin Altherma air - water monobloc

3Ph - Three PHASE

  Daikin Altherma monobloc low temperature

Apart from the system by DAIKIN Altherma outdoor and indoor unit DAIKIN sells MONOBLOC version in which all hydraulic part is included in the outdoor unit and therefore there is internal. In this system the egkatastatns just need to connect the water pipes on the unit dermis the need to connect refrigerant piping.


He, like the split system, possibility of water flow from 5-55 °C. There is also a system freeze protection circuit water since this version is mounted externally.

technical catalog daikin (pdf 17,8 mb)
Daikin Altherma 11,2 Kw EDHQ011BB6W1 low temperature




(*):cooling θερμ. περιβλλ. 35°C - LWE 18°C (DT=5°C), heating θερμ. περιβλλ. DB/WB 7°C / 6°C LWC 35°C (DT=5 °C)

(**):cooling θερμ. περιβλλ. 35°C - LWE 7°C (DT=5°C), heating θερμ. περιβλλ. DB/WB 7°C / 6°C LWC 45°C (DT=5 °C)

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