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The shipments carry out through international forwarders within 5 to 10 days from the day of payment.

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Air conditioning is the determination, with special devices, temperature, humidity and composition of air indoors.

It's all thanks to functions retained in one or more areas, specific conditions of temperature, humidity and air purity, secured more comfortable living and working conditions or fulfilled specific requirements of certain industrial processes or better conditions maintenance products.

In shops conditioners you can find cheap heating. With air conditioners achieve economical heating house. The air conditioner market should be criteria such as silent air conditioning, heating, etc. economy.

To achieve the required system air conditioning machinery and equipment such as heaters and coolers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, apparatus for air renewal and distribution pipelines.

All instruments can be combined in a central portion (central air conditioning unit) or more, which will provide air conditioning to a whole building or certain parts of it. It can also be divided into small units, each of which serves only one area.

In this case it is a very small volume of devices that may be installed below window sills. This solution is particularly suitable for buildings already constructed or to others, which were not necessary complex and costly operations for distribution from a central unit.

The air conditioning is considered necessary on ships in some stores for sensitive goods and factory buildings, which operate unhealthy treatments such as in spinning cotton.

The air conditioners are mostly used in office buildings, department stores, which even allow you to remain closed windows when you need to make modifications to the architectural design of the space, or residential buildings.

In the latter case, the best conditions are generally as follows: temperature 22-24 °C in summer and 18-20 ° C in winter, 55-60% relative humidity, air renewal 15 cubic meters per hour atom content, carbon dioxide not more than 0.10%.

The heating is accomplished by the passage of air between appropriate radiators, fed with steam or hot air. Cooling may be done either in special facilities or in those where it is and heating, by circulating cold air or refrigerant mixture.

Wetting is accomplished by water droplets. Dehumidifying made ??by condensation of steam in the radiators. In some units, the moisture absorbed by hygroscopic special bodies. Air circulation is performed with various types of electric fans, which pulls the air outside the premises through special air conditioners, and extract places the corresponding amount of contaminated air.

The distribution is performed by a system of pipes, necessarily large diameter and therefore a large volume. One last type of plant discards those ducts that are not easily placed in a house or building for which there was a provision conditioning during manufacturing. In this case stored in a central unit only the production of cold or heat.

The distribution is done with hot or cold water circulating in pipes of small diameter small air conditioning units, which communicate directly with the outside space for the import and export of air. Thus, a system with characteristics intermediate type, which can solve the problem of air conditioning in many cases where the solution would be very difficult and costly.

In the modern era is ubiquitous air conditioners, household type.

The common type consists of two parts. One is placed in the interior space and includes the heat vent, when the device is operated for cooling or condensation when operating in heating.

The outer portion comprises a heat compression, where the cooling or venting, in case of heating, and a powerful fan. The two parts are connected by piping between the refrigerant fluid in liquid and gaseous form, electricity cables and flue water resulting from the condensation of atmospheric moisture.







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