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GREE Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhaiis currently the largest specialized manufacturer of air conditioning systems worldwide, with a production capacity of more than 27 of millions of home air conditioners and 2 central units of millions. The turnover of more than 6.8 billion dollars annually.

The philosophy focuses on technological advancement and improvement of products, production systems, as well as strict quality control of components and production. The Research & Development has registered more patents from 3.000 and employs approximately 3,300 scientists and technicians from 300 to more control laboratories.

Also, in 2009 the Gree signed a strategic alliance with Daikin Industries Ltd. for the creation of joint venture companies with a view from the joint development and production of parts, compressors and air conditioners DC Inverter technology for the global market.

Production currently comprises 3 main areas, these home, mid-career and central air conditioning, with 30 categories and 1,100 different sets of air conditioners, from the smallest, household of 5.000 Btu / h until most large power 24.570.000 Btu / h for professional applications and maintains production line conditioning for marine applications. Meanwhile, the GREE extends vertically and production of electrical and electronic components, compressors and other parties through subsidiaries.

An excellent product quality, composed from high quality components and specifications. In this area is given special attention. 100% of the basic components controlled laboratory before assembly. At the same time, invested considerable funds on the quality control of production with international recognition as CE, TUV, GS, UL, SASO, OHSAS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EUROVENT but also in environmental protection systems such as IECQ, ROHS etc..

For these reasons, the Nippon - D. Mavroggenis SA provides a 10-year warranty on products prime residential and semi-central air and a 5-year warranty on products with central air conditioning brand GREE.


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