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Sharp has been an inventor for society for almost a hundred years

We don’t invent for the sake of it, we believe our products should solve real human problems to benefit our culture and wellbeing. We always look for opportunities to improve our lives; for the home and business, for the environment and society, and we provide solutions with the user in mind, with simple human benefits. As part of our continued commitment to future innovation, we employ 8,000 researchers in facilities around the world and invest over 6.5% of our net sales in R&D.

We’ll always strive to make products that our competitors want to imitate.

We’ll always look for the next opportunity to invent for our society, and then we’ll tell you why we’ve innovated.

Ο air conditioning Sharp αντιπροσωπεύεται στην Ελλάδα from την ΖΑΜΠΑ ΑΕ


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