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New series 2014
air conditioner wall DAIKIN FTXN25MB/RXN25MB

Almost Quiet Operation: the sound of the internal units is so low it can be compared with rustling leaves (up to 21dBA FTXN25MB).

Vertical automatic reciprocation: the unit supports the choice of vertical automatic regression, which ensures uniform distribution of air and a homogeneous temperature room.

Titanium Filter photocatalytic air purification: retain airborne dust particles, decomposes odors and restrains the reproduction of bacteria, viruses, microbes, this to ensure a steady supply of clean air.

Dry program: the specific program Dehumidifications, the humidity level in the room is reduced without variations in temperature.

Comfortable way to sleep: Increased Operation comfort that follows a certain pattern of temperature variation.

Fan only: the air conditioner can be used as fan, blowing air without cooling or heating.

This model replaces the model FTXN25L9

Origin Thailand


list FTXN-MB (pdf, 946 KB)


• Cooling Capacity : 8.737(4.439-10.240) btu/h
• Heating Capacity : 9.693(4.439-13.652) btu/h
• energy class cooling: A+
• SEER:5,61
• energy class heating: A
• SCOP:3.81
• Coolant R 410 A
• Noise level cooling (εσ):Sh/H/N/L/So 41/40/34/29/21 db(A)
• Noise level (εξ): 45db(A)
• Dimensions M x Y x Π / Indoor 800×288×206mm
• Net weight 9kg
• Dimensions M x Y x Π / outdoor 658×550×289mm
• Net weight 31kg
• piping – Diameter : Liquid/Gas:6,35(1/4’’)/9,52 (3/8’) mm(in)
• Operation range: Min./Max. cooling :10/46°C
• Operation range: Min./Max.heating: -15/18°C

• Photocatalytic Air Filter which removes airborne microscopic particles, powerfully decomposes odors and helps to prevent the propagation of bacteria and viruses.
• The Operation ECONO reduces Consumption of electricity.
• Operation The night saves energy by preventing excessive cooling or heating during the night.

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