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air conditioner floor-ceiling FUJITSU ABYG24LVT/AOYA24LVT inverter
  floor-ceiling INVERTER  

Modern and stylish design

Combines decrease consumption and dimension

Compact Indoor unit

The concentration of power enables increasing capasity with the smallest category models while reducing the volume and size


Operation HEATINGS minimum 10 °C
Adjustable to maintain internal temperature not lower than 10 °C ensuring that the site is not °frozen°.


When this Operation is enabled and the space temperature is higher than 10 °C, it does not start. The Operation starts and maintains the area at 10 °C for 48 hours from the time the temperature of the space drops down from the 10 °C.

When Operation is stopped, the temperature setting of the site will automatically return to the default temperature.


Deodorant Filter ion Long Term *
Odours chemically degraded after their absorption from the oxidant contained in the ceramic layer of the filter. (* The Filter can be used for about 3 years, often sufficient to rinse with water to recover the deodorizing ability)

Filter with apple extract catechin In Filter this with the help of static electricity °caged° fine dust, invisible mold spores and pathogens, which then inactivated from the polyphenol contained in the distillate of apples which is impregnated

  • Operating current Operation: 230/1/50 V/ O/Hz
  • Cooling Capacity: 24.200 BTU
  • Heating Capacity: 27.200 BTU
  • Consumption: cooling / heating 2.21/2.21 kW
  • EER – energy class: cooling 3.21-A W/W
  • COP – energy class: heating 3.61-A W/W
  • Operating current: cooling / heating 9.7/9.7 A
  • Remove moisture: 2.7 I/h
  • Noise (ind.) cooling Y / M / L / Q: 48/44/40/35 dB(A)
  • Noise (outd.) cooling: 52
  • Airflow (μγιστη ταχτητα) Indoor / outdoor: 980/2470 m3/h
  • Dimensions internal: 199×990×655 mm, 27(60)
  • Dimensions external: 578×790×315 mm, 44(97)kg
  • Diameter pipe (liquid / gas): 6.35/15.88 mm
  • Waste pipe (int. / ext.): 21.5/26.0 mm
  • Maximum piping length (uncharged): 30m
  • Maximum height difference: 20m
  • Temperature range Operation cooling: -10~46°C ΞΒ
  • Temperature range Operation heating: -15~24°C ΞΒ
  • Refrigerant: R410A
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