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air conditioner wall GREE GRS 101 HI/JCD-N2 CHANGE DC INVERTER
Change DC Inverter

By using eco refrigerant R410a, G10 Inverter engine technology of Gree and technology Ecodesign, the Change DC Inverter air conditioners offer the perfect combination of power, energy efficiency, to A + + and very quiet operation.

The new driver technology G10 Inverter engine, developed exclusively by Gree, allows the compressor even with frequency 1Hz.
Thus, the compressor does not stop, even after reaching the desired temperature, eliminating start-intensive and thus introducing new standards of comfort and reliability.

In addition, the series Change DC is equipped with unique technology air purification Cold Plasma of Gree.
The technology is based on a capable ionizer, with action neutralizes 90% of the bacteria, but deodorant properties and charge air with negative ions, to a sensation of freshness.

Moreover, the new remote control with large LCD display ensures easy access to all functions (cooling, heating, dehumidification, recycling, auto, sleep and timer), aiming at the creation of an ideal environment for each user



  GRS 101 EI/JCD-N2    

Indoor unit: GRS 101 EI/JCD-N2
Outdoor unit: GRS 101 EI/JCD-N2

  • Power supply: AC 1Φ, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Cooling capasity – btu/h: 8.871(1.535 – 11.020)
  • Heating capasity – btu/h: 10.236(1.535 – 13.989)
  • Cooling consumption – W: 870
  • Heating consumption – W: 900
  • Efficiency in cooling – SEER: 5,60
  • Efficiency in heating – SCOP: 4,40
  • Energy class in cooling: A+
  • Energy class in heating: A+
  • Air flow (max)– m³/h: 600/520/370/280
  • Indoor unit noise level (Qui./Low/Med./Max.) – dB(A): 24/30/38/41
  • Outdoor unit noise level – dB(A): 51
  • Weight indoor unit – Kg: 8
  • Weight outdoor unit – Kg: 28
  • Dimensions indoor unit (W / H / D) – mm: 770×283×201
  • Dimensions outdoor unit (W / H / D) – mm: 776×550×320
  • Size piping (Liquid / Gas) – inch: ¼’’ – 3/8’’
  • Maximum piping length / height – m: 15/10

Operation range: 10°C to 48°C in cooling and -15°C to 24°C in heating

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