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Heat Pump Hitachi Yutampo for hot water

Hitachi Yutampo TAW2-70NH2A/RAW-25NH2A

integrated ΖΝΧ (dm3) 262

air - water medium temperature (65°C) Split


  Single PHASE        
  The new Yutaki-Yutampo of Hitachi with integrated DHW PRODUCTION FOR HOT WATER. It works independently of the outdoor unit can be installed independently of any heating system is spared. Ideal in cases where it is possible to install solar,
  or other form of hot water. Huge electricity savings equal or less from a home refrigerator.
  • Stainless Steel Tank Hot water with magnesium rod
  • A higher degree capasity COP=3,09
  • Split type with DC Inverter technology
  • The smallest response time for hot water market: 6hr 20m from 10°C to 53°C
  • Only 30 watts Consumption in stand-by mode. The lower the market
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Receive weekly schedule
  • Maximum distance between unit and external container ZNX to 20m
  • Three steps Operation (standard / eco / boost)
  • Maximum water temperature 55°C (HEAT PUMP MODE) to 65°C using the built-in electrical resistance
TAW2-70NH2A/RAW-25NH2A - medium temperature (65°C)

Heat pump Yutampo TAW2-70NH2A/RAW-25NH2A dc inverter

Model: TAW2-70NH2A
Volume of water tank (dm3): 262
Standard capacity (kW): 2,0
Operating current (Ph/V/Hz): 1Ph/230V/50Hz

Model: RAW-25NH2A
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]: 46
COP 7οC: 3,09
COP 15οC: 3,70
Maximum electricity (Α): 16
Operating current (Ph/V/Hz): 1Ph/230V/50Hz


Technical Characteristically YUTAMPO (pdf, 572 KB)

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ΖΝΧ 262
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