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air conditioner wall PANASONIC series Etherea White Line inverter
New Series 2014 Made in Malaisia
Product design award
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Econavi sensor, Nanoe-G air-purifying system, Mild Dry
ETHEREA white line


  The new series ETHEREA WHITE inverter of split air conditioners inverter PANASONIC consists of four models from 9000btu/h CS/CU-E9QKEW, 12000btu/h CS/CU-E12QKEW, 15000btu/h CS/CU-E15QKEW, 21000btu/h CS/CU-E21QKEW.  

Active ions are released to capture dust and inactivate bacteria suspended and mold. The positively charged mega-Filter attracts dust and cleans the room completely.


air conditioner PANASONIC CS/CU-E9QKEW etherea white inverter

Capasity: cooling 2.900-10.240 btu/h - heating 2.900-17060 btu/h

energy class Α++/A++

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air conditioner PANASONIC CS/CU-E12QKEW etherea white inverter

Capasity: cooling 2.900-13.650 btu/h - heating 2.900-20.470 btu/h

energy classΑ++/A++

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air conditioner PANASONIC CS/CU-E15QKEW etherea white inverter

Capasity: cooling 2.900-17.060 btu/h - heating 2.900-23.202 btu/h

energy classΑ++/A+

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air conditioner PANASONIC CS/CU-E21QKEW etherea white inverter

Capasity: cooling 3.344-24.225 btu/h - heating 3.344-29.002 btu/h

energy classΑ++/A+

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