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Heat Pump Samsung EHS Split AM160FNBFGB/EU-AM050FXMDGH/EU -16KW

air - water high temperature (80°C) Split



To brand new system EHS Split comes to meet all possible requirements


To EHS Split is the latest addition to the series heating systems and EHS has been developed to meet the latest requirements. It is designed and manufactured specifically for use in Heating Operation

Heat pump Samsung EHS AM160FNBFGB/EU - AM050FXMDGH

AM160FNBFGB/EU - AM050FXMDGH high temperature (80°C) inverter

Capasity heating: 16 kw/h

Compressor type: Rotary inverter

Alternators: 2 slaty

energy class: (Α) -- COP 4,44

Operating limits: -20°C  ~ +26°C

Dimensions external (WxHxD): 940 x 1.210 x 330

Dimensions internal (WxHxD): 518 x 1.210 x 330

Operating current Int.-Ext (Α) (MCA / MFA) 12,88 / 16,0 .... 3Ph/500V/50Hz

Without pump and Tank Expansion

INCLUDE Wired Controller MWR-WW00N


technical catalog Samsung EHS (pdf 14,7 MB)


Optimized Seasonal Capasity System EHS Split, provides stable Capasity during all seasons.

Optimizes Capasity of the actual heating temperature operation, from -2°C to 2°C.

It offers excellent seasonal coefficient COP, in accordance with Directive Eco-Design.



Compatibility with other systems.
The system of Samsung EHS can be used in combination with other optional products. Increase further the system's capabilities by adding a Tank DHW thermostat, pump, solar panels or backup boiler.


High Reliability
Significant improvements that make the difference.

Since the Samsung EHS system is designed to cover the most modern heating requirements, we have added improvements may seem small, but taken together make a huge difference.






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Without pump and Tank Expansion
INCLUDE Wired Controller MWR-WW00N

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technical catalog Samsung EHS (pdf 14,7 MB)

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