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ALL DC PAM Inverter

The electronic control system PAM (Power Active Module), which is equipped prosPherei largest Capasity and saving energeias.Oloi fans and compressors Hitachi driven from inverter that convert alternating current to direct (DC inverter). They have a 10% better Capasity from the inverter AC. The HITACHI is the world's first to introduce the technology and DC inverter PAM in the field of air conditioning.

Made in Japan


air conditioner wall HITACHI RAK-25QXA/RAC-25NPA MonoZone Inverter

Capasity: cooling 8.532 (3.412-10.580)btu/h - heating 13.650 (3.750-15.013)btu/h.

energy class A++. Operating limits: -15°C  ~ +43°C

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air conditioner wall HITACHI RAK-35QXA/RAC-35NPA MonoZone Inverter

Capasity: cooling 11945 (3.412-13.650)btu/h - heating 14330 (3.750-17.060)btu/h.

energy class A++. Operating limits: -15°C  ~ +43°C

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air conditioner wall HITACHI RAK-50QXA/RAC-50NPA MonoZone Inverter

Capasity: cooling 17060 (3.071-17.746)btu/h - heating 22185 (3.071-27.645)btu/h.

energy class A++. Operating limits: -15°C  ~ +43°C

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