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HITACHI 9000 BTU RAK-25QXA/RAC-25NPA MonoZone All Pam DC Inverter
air conditioner wall HITACHI RAK-25QXA/RAC-25NPA

ALL DC PAM Inverter

The electronic control system PAM (Power Active Module), which is equipped prosPherei largest Capasity and saving energeias.Oloi fans and compressors Hitachi driven from inverter that convert alternating current to direct (DC inverter). They have a 10% better Capasity from the inverter AC. The HITACHI is the world's first to introduce the technology and DC inverter PAM in the field of air conditioning.

Made in Japan


High heating capasity at -15 °C. The PAM inverter system HITACHI achieves the most efficient Capasity of input power with losses less than 1% and offers a particularly high rate capasity COP. Specifically improved capasity enables heating even at ambient temperature -15 °C. Automatic restart: After from an undesired stop operation, the unit automatically returns to its previous state.
Automatic adjustment Operation: The embedded microprocessor selects the best operation by continuously comparing the specified temperature operation and readings received one sensor per 10 minutes.
Easy service. Faults and failures are easily traced through readings from the LED located both internal and outdoors on units.Ta systems are protected from electrical surges network




Indoor unit
Power supply: 35 V DC
Sound pressure level (Sil./Low/Med./Hi) dB(A): 20/26/32/38
Fan speeds: 4(Sil./Low/Med./Hi)
Cleaning System Plasma Ion
Dimensions (W / H / D) - mm: 795 × 295 × 198
Weekly Timer
Fan with antibacterial property
Stainless Pre-Filter
Antibacterial filters

outdoor unit
Basic Capasity (min - max) (cooling) btu/h: 8.532 (3.412-10.580)
Basic Capasity (min - max) (heating) btu/h: 13.650 (3.750-15.013)
Power supply: 220-240V - 1Ph - 50Hz
Consumption Basic (Low - High) (cooling) kw: 0,695(0,155-1,060)
Consumption Basic (Low - High) (heating) kw: 0,640(0,155-1,400)
Annual Consumption Energy cooling (kWh): 150
Annual Consumption Energy heating (kWh): 811
Grade capasity in cooling – EER: 4,31 - (A+)
Grade capasity in heating – COP: 4,30 - (A++)
Seasonal contributor Capasity cooling (SEER): 5,8
Seasonal contributor Capasity heating (SCOP): 4,8
Energy class seasonal climate waistband (cooling): A+
Energy class seasonal climate waistband (heating): A++
Sound pressure (cooling) dB(A): 46
Sound pressure (heating) dB(A): 46
Air flow (cooling / heating) m3/h: -
Pipe (Liquid / Gas) (inches): 1/4° / 3/8°
Maximum piping length m: 20
Maximum riser (between internal and external unit) m: 10
cooling agent kg (m): 1,15
cooling agent: R410A
Compressor: DC Twin Rotary
Dimensions (Y x W x D) mm: 570 x 750 x 280

The wireless controller (with large easy to read display), provides the following unique features:
  1. Indication electricity consumption in kWh, current and previous month.
  2. Weekly schedule with the possibility of six different settings for each day. Ability to create a second weekly program (eg, one for winter and one for summer).
  3. Temperature display area on the screen on the controller.
  4. Operation Leave Home, prevents freezing space where the temperature down to 10 °C.
  5. Lock function, cooling only or heating only.

Also available at the touch of a button:

  1. Eco Mode and Eco Sleep Timer, which offer efficient operation, with reduced power consumption.
  2. Silent Mode, for even less noise by reducing the fan speed.
  3. Powerful Mode, which maximizes the performance of the unit for rapid cooling or heating for 20 minutes and automatically reset to the normal setting.
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